Manufacturers hot selling new custom colorful lights monochrome lights strong light luminous LED nylon luminous shoelaces

Short Description:

Product packaging size:14*4*2cm
Product Size:103*0.3cm

Logo Size1.8*1.8cm

Logo print:Acceptable


Color:Red . Green . Blue . Yellow  . Pink . White .Multicolor


product weight0.03kg

Continuous working time48H

Application places: BarsWedding PartyConcert

Product Detail

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Specification parameters

Product name LED Nylon Shoelace
Product packaging size 14*4*2cm
Product Size 103*0.3cm
Logo Size 1.8*1.8cm
Logo print Acceptable
Material Nylon
Color Red.Green.Blue.Yellow.Pink.White.Multicolor
Battery 2*CR2032
product weight 0.03kg
Continuous working time 48H
Application places Bars、Wedding、 Party、Concert
Sample Free 

Characteristic use

This is a shoelace with a self-luminous effect, there are many color options, red, yellow, green, multi-color and so on. Make your shoes unique by using these laces. At dusk, walking in the crowded commercial street, you will definitely have a high rate of turning back.

Usage scenario

No matter where you are, as long as you like it, you can wear it confidently and become the most eye-catching star.


Material style

Made of nylon material, lightweight, durable and low cost.

Production Process

The pad printing process is adopted, the printing performance is stable, the cost is low, and the LOGO pattern can be restored well.

Quality control

The production and manufacturing process of products has a strict management mode to ensure that each product complies with CE and ROHS certification.

Battery model

A single shoelace uses 2*2032 type batteries, which have sufficient power, long use time, and can be replaced.
After installing the battery, it can last up to 24 hours, which fully ensures the excellent performance in the party. From the beginning to the end, let everyone immerse themselves in the light of LED.

The date of issuance

After the production of the product is completed, we will send it out as soon as possible to ensure that you can use it as soon as possible. Usually within 5-15 days, if you have special requirements, you can explain to us in time when you place an order.

Use installation

1. Tear off the OPP bag.

2. Remove the insulating sheet.

3. Tie the laces to the shoes.

Battery model

After installing the battery, it can last up to 48 hours, which fully ensures the excellent performance in the party. From the beginning to the end, let everyone immerse themselves in the light of LED.


We can provide you with one or more samples free of charge to ensure you have a more comprehensive understanding of this product.

Box gauge informatio

The led shoelaces are individually packaged in OPP bags, which can avoid damage in transit.The packaging carton is made of three-layer corrugated cardboard, which is strong and durable to avoid damage to the product due to long-term use.
Box gauge size: 30 * 29 * 32cm, single product weight: 0.03kg,FCL quantity:300, whole box weight: 9kg

User feedback

Ms. Vanessa Stinson is from Georgia, USA. She is a dance teacher and runs a dance training school with over 500 students. When she sent us the purchase information, she said that there will be a big dance in April, and they have been invited to the school to participate, and they have been preparing clothes during this time. She accidentally saw a video of a little girl dancing in flash shoes on a social networking site, and was instantly attracted. In the video, the little girl dances happily, and the luminous shoes are particularly eye-catching. So she decided she wanted to find this product too. She consulted with many companies before, but she was not happy with the brightness and price until she found us. We told Ms. Vanessa Stinson that this product is sold by our company, has been selling it for many years, and is definitely the lowest cost. According to Ms. Vanessa Stinson's request, we dismantled several pairs of shoelaces on site through video, and tried both single-color and multi-color shoelaces with and without lights. Ms. Vanessa Stinson was so pleased with the brightness of the dark LED lights that she purchased 100 pairs of each color in blue, green, pink, red, yellow and multicolor. Vanessa Stinson said excitedly: "With these secret weapons, her performance team is sure to shine."


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