New waterproof material support logo custom security logo luminous led nylon bracelet

Short Description:

Size: 28*2.5*28cm


Color:Red . Green . Blue . Yellow . Orange . Pink . White .

Logo print:Acceptable


product weight:0.03kg

Free samples:free

Application: Indoor/Outdoor

Product Detail

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Short Introduction

Product Name

Led nylon bracelet






Red . Green . Blue . Yellow . Orange . Pink . White .

Logo print




working time


product weight


Free samples


Characteristic use

It is specially designed for entertainment venues such as bars and birthday parties, so that the atmosphere of the scene reaches its peak. The waterproof design can be worn on the wrist, and the control switch can adjust the flash frequency. Support customization of size, logo, and shape.

Usage scenario

You can't have a party without it. This product does not have any requirements for site and environment. As long as you want the atmosphere of the scene to be surprising and gorgeous, this product will definitely give you a different feeling.


Material style

Made of nylon material, it is waterproof, lightweight, not easy to damage, and low cost .

Production Process

It uses the currently more popular silk-screen technology to print the LOGO on the wristband. The biggest feature of this printing technology is its low price, good printing effect and very stable. It reflects your logo to the fullest without any omissions.

Delivery Time

The delivery time is 5-15 days, if you have special requirements, you can explain to us in time when you place an order. The logistics mode supports air and sea freight.

Battery Model

Equipped with 2*CR2016 type batteries, working time 48H

Quality control

Whether it is a sample or a bulk shipment, we guarantee that each product passes at least 4 quality inspections to ensure that each product is in line with CE and ROHS certification.

Installation Method

1. Remove the outer packaging and wear it on your wrist.

2. Adjust to the best position and fix it firmly.

3. Operate the switch to select the flash mode.

Box gauge information

Product packaging: plastic bag packaging

Outer box packaging: 3 layers of corrugated paper packaging

Avoid product collision and damage

User feedback

This is the feedback from Ms. vivian from Malaysia. May 30 this year is her best friend's birthday. She specially commissioned us to print patterns on the product to add a surprise to the birthday party. After some selection, it was finally decided to use the "heart" pattern as the logo. Quantity 200, 20 per color. We arranged production for Ms. Vivian immediately, and arranged the most economical shipping method before confirming the delivery date, which moved Ms. Vivian very much.

Later, she sent us pictures of the party at the scene, and it was obvious that she and her friends loved it.


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