• How long do glow bracelets last?

    They will glow super bright for 8-12 hours. Then, they will start to fade out but may continue to emit some light for up to hours.Inside the glow light necklaces are two chemicals that emit light or glow when they are mixed together.
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  • What is Led bracelet?

    longstargift LED wristbands are the hottest promotional item for concert events and large scale shows, brighten up the entire audience all while promoting your brand. Featuring all the benefits of a standard wristband for identification and practicality, these wristbands contain glowing LEDs with...
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  • How are lights controlled at a concert?

    The longstargift DMX Base station is a plug-and-play transmitter to operate all our our remote-controlled LED wearables . It works as a DMX to radio frequency interface and is controllable by any light operator on a standard lighting console
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  • How bracelet Work?

    How bracelet Work?

    Longstargift wristband are intelligent, radio-controlled LED wristbands that light-up on cue, creating new kinds of LED light shows the audience is wearing! wristband have been experienced by  around the world people, lighting up everyone, at all kinds of live events wedding . The original Xyloba...
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  • How do LED bracelets work at concerts?

    How do LED bracelets work at concerts?

    They’re actually designed by a company called Longstargift, which uses remote controller to allow the bracelets, which can also be fitted with an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip, to be synced to each show’s music, lighting, and even the movement of people in the crowd 
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  • A trip that says go

    A trip that says go

    Huizhou is an important settlement of Hakka people. Ye Ting, Liao Zhongkai and others were born here. Song Dynasty scholar Su Dongpo once lived here. On the banks of the West Lake, you can still feel the melancholy of Su Shi after his exile; at the foot of Luofu Mountain, pilgrims flock in an end...
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  • Dongguan longstargift Gifts Co., Ltd. releases new products

    Dongguan longstargift Gifts Co., Ltd. releases new products

    After nearly 3 months of design, mold opening, board making, and sample setting by the R&D department, a new generation of LED remote control bracelets finally came out. It can be said that this bracelet has gone through hardships from design to production, because t...
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  • Dongguan longstargift Gifts Co., Ltd. organizes employees to travel together.

    Dongguan longstargift Gifts Co., Ltd. organizes employees to travel together.

    Dongguan longstargift Gifts Co., Ltd. organizes employees to travel together. In half a month, it will be the traditional Chinese festival - Mid-Autumn Festival. In order to thank and commend all employees for their outstanding performance in their recent work, the compa...
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  • 300000 LED ice cubes returned by regular customers

    Dongguan longstargift Co., Ltd. received a large order again in July. The customer of this order is Mr. inamoto, a Japanese customer who has cooperated with our company for many years. Mr. inamoto operates a large corporation in Taitung District, Tokyo, Japan. The main p...
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  • Longstar Gift The new factory is put into use

    With the increase in business volume of Dongguan Longstargift Co., Ltd., the variety of products produced and assembled has become increasingly rich, and the current processing workshop has been unable to meet the existing sales demand. A fully automatic production line ...
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  • 200,000 units shipped in 10 days

    200,000 units shipped in 10 days

    In June this year, the sales department of Dongguan Longstargift Co., Ltd. received an inquiry. The content of the query is simple. It is required to receive large quantities of goods by July 15, with a total of about 200,000 pieces. Customers expect us to deliver on tim...
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  • New addition to led coasters family

    New addition to led coasters family

    Dongguan Longxing Gifts Co., Ltd. has launched a brand new LED coaster for this summer’s Oktoberfest. After a month of R&D and debugging, it was finally launched successfully and is a new member of the “Bottle Light” series of products. At present, the main size of this prod...
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