New Logo Support Custom Flash LED Lanyard for Bar Wedding Party

Short Description:

Product Size:48*0.5*0.5cm
Color:Red . White,Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Black, Red
Logo Size:1.5*1.5cm
Logo print:Acceptable
Battery:2*CR2032 model
product weight:0.03kg
Free samples:Free

Product Detail

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Short Introduction

product name Led TPU lanyard

Product Size

Material TPU
Battery 2*CR2032
working time 48H
weight 0.03kg
color Red, White, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
logo customization Support
1 (2)
2 (2)

Characteristic use

This is a new type of led lanyard that can emit light and customize LOGO. The light strip can be changed to different colors according to customization and personal preference..

Usage scenario

It can be used in bars, weddings, conferences and various gathering venues to make the identity logo unique.


Material style

Made of TPU material with the best light transmittance, it is light, soft and inexpensive..

Production Process

1. Using pad printing technology, the logo is colorful, firm, and does not fade.
2. Large lamp beads to ensure the brightness of the light strip.
3. Comes with a signage hook, which can be replaced at will.

Delivery Time

Under normal circumstances, the delivery can be completed within 5-15 days. Arrange delivery according to individual requirements, and the delivery method supports air and sea freight.

Battery Model

Comes with 2*CR2032 type button batteries, the continuous working time reaches 24 hours. And the battery is easy to replace and can be reused.

Quality control

Whether it is a sample or a bulk shipment, we guarantee that each product passes at least 4 quality inspections to ensure that each product is in line with CE and ROHS certification.

Installation Method

1. After opening the package, remove the insulating sheet.
2. 2.Adjust your favorite BLINKING mode.

Box gauge information

Product packaging: independent OPP bag packaging
Outer box packaging: 3-layer corrugated paper packaging
Avoid mutual scratches during transportationUser.

User feedback

Feedback from Miss Hermione from France:
Miss Hermione is the Human Resources Director of a large French company. On the 2nd of this month, she will celebrate the company's third anniversary. To this end, she has prepared a lot of ideas, especially our LED lanyard products as one of them. She asks all staff to wear them on the day of the celebration, which can add lots of bright colors to the event and make it an unforgettable party. At the same time, she asked us to print the company name and logo on the lanyard. Everything is ready, hope their party has a good time.

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