Class 7 Waterproof Pet Collar Adjustable Size Night Lighting USB Charging Mode Repeated Use LED Collar

Short Description:

Package dimensions:L:28CM;W:13CM;H:4CM

Logo custom size:2CM*1.5CM


Color:Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink

Logo print:Acceptable

charging mode:USB interface

product weight:0.06kg

Continuous working time:48H

Application places: Indoor/Outdoor/Dark Area
Sample:Free delivery

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Specification parameters

Product name LED Nylon Collar
Package dimensions: L:28CM;W:13CM;H:4CM
Logo custom size: 2CM*1.5CM
Material: Nylon
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink
Logo print: Acceptable
charging mode: USB interface
product weight: 0.06kg
Continuous working time: 48H
Application places: Indoor/Outdoor/Dark Area
Sample: Free delivery
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Characteristic use

The new nylon waterproof led collar, the biggest feature is that it can reach 7 waterproof, without any environmental restrictions. And it can be recharged in a cycle, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

Usage scenario

There is no need to distinguish any venue and environment, because it has its own waterproof function, so it can be used normally even in rainy days without any constraints, which is very convenient.


Material style

Made of nylon material, this material is strong, durable, long-term use, not afraid of pet bites, and can achieve the effect of level 7 waterproof. And the cost is low, and the average family can accept it.

Production Process

Support pad printing and silk screen printing mode, print according to the logo. Safe and environmentally friendly, no peculiar smell, wearing it on pets will not cause adverse reactions. The pet's name and contact number can also be completely printed on it, and there is no unclear place.

The date of issuance

We will send the products as soon as possible after the production, so as to ensure that you can use them as soon as possible. Generally within 5-15 days.

charging mode

The USB fast direct charging mode can guarantee 80% of the power usage in only 1 hour. Convenient. After fully charged, it can work continuously for more than 48 hours. Can be reused.

Quality control

The production and manufacturing process of products has a strict management mode to ensure that each product complies with CE and ROHS certification

Use installation

1. Remove the plastic packaging box.
2. Cut to the right size.
3. Wear it and adjust the lighting mode.

Box gauge information

After production, in order to avoid scratches caused by collision between products, each product is individually packaged in a blister box. Each large packing box can hold 90 products, and the packing carton adopts three-layer corrugated cardboard box, which is strong and durable to avoid long-distance collision on the products. cause damage.
Box gauge size: 56 * 39 * 30cm, whole box weight: 5.8kg

User feedback

This is feedback from Mr. Tucker from Chicago, USA.
Mr. Tucker works in the restaurant industry locally in Chicago. He has been very fond of pets since he was a child, and has kept many kinds, a Labrador is his favorite because this pet dog has been with him the longest. He's been wanting to get a light-up collar for his dog so he can quickly spot pets in very dimly lit areas. But after buying a few products, the effect is not good because it is easy to tear.
Until his friend introduced our product to Mr. Taka. Mr. Tucker was skeptical at first, so we gave one away for free. As a result, a month later, Mr. Tucker directly placed an order for 1,000 pieces. He said I would also sell such a good product. Of course, this is his joke. He kept a few pets for him, most of which were given to local animal rescues. He said he hoped the LED collars would bring good luck to these stray pets.


We can provide one or several samples to you free of charge to ensure that you have a more comprehensive understanding of this product.

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