Birth record of “experiential” sample room

With the development and expansion of enterprises, more and more customers choose to visit the company. The warehouse, production workshop and sample room have left the footprints of guests. When the guests praise our company's office environment and production environment frequently, we also gradually feel that the problem of narrow space in the sample room is becoming more and more serious, which can no longer meet the needs of customers. It goes without saying that the importance of sample cooperation will affect the guests' experience in the future. So the company decided to redecorate the sample room just to give guests a better experience.


The construction period lasted for half a month. With snow-white walls and bright carpets, six display cabinets were purchased again. All samples were placed according to classification, and a large number of LED spotlights were installed. In this decoration, we not only replaced the equipment, but also decorated the environment. The biggest highlight is the addition of three "atmosphere areas". The atmosphere styles are "bar atmosphere", "party atmosphere" and "family atmosphere", because our products can be adjusted and designed at will according to different occasions, so that the product performance is consistent with the main atmosphere, or even integrated. Guests can freely Put yourself in the three atmosphere areas to experience our LED coasters, led bracelets, led lanyards and other products, in order to achieve the most real effect. At the same time, each colleague in charge of reception can also control and answer questions on site according to the guest's questions. In this way, it not only ensures the real feelings of the guests, but also improves the communication efficiency between us and the guests, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.


Post time: Apr-27-2022